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push data time management software

Push Data

Push Data Technology, which is data transaction transmitted in real time using PUSH method from the reader to the software, so it is not necessary to have schedule or manual data retrieve by admin. It is one of kind advance data retrieval and fetching technology. It allows the enterprises to simplify their complex way of maintaining employee records by providing a standalone global standard solution.

Biometrics is growing increasingly popular amongst enterprises as a security measure. Almost every other enterprise and organization whether big or small, has implemented biometric devices in their offices and facilities. Storing such a huge amount of employee and visitor records separately in separate facilities using separate servers can be a pricey affair for a client; forget about the maintenance charges of the severs. Installation of servers in every client’s location is one of the major contributors for the debts.

Using Push Data Technology the client can find a hassle free way to cut down on this unnecessary expenditure. Push Data Technology provides the leverage of using a single central-server for multiple locations. It is easy to implement and the maintenance complications are completely waived-off. This technology provides a faster retrieval and fetching rate. All the registered data records are directly pushed into the central-server and hence can be easily fetched from the same server when needed.


The Push Data Technology enables effective management of employees’ information. Apart from maintaining time and attendance of employees, an organization can also generate reports effectively in maintaining their payroll systems along with leave management system. This technology being a standalone global standard solution gives the clients peace of mind by cutting down unnecessary costs on extra systems.