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LanaTime 4.0 Demo

LanaTime 4.0 Demo

LANATime is a cutting edge Web-based Time Attendance software, which provided a stable communication for devices through GPRS/WAN, hence, users can access to the software anywhere by their Web Browser to remotely manage hundreds of T&A terminals under complex network condition (WLAN). A new launched Automatic Synchronization function, data will be automatically synchronized between devices and sever Under its brand new user friendly UI, managing Timetable, Shift, Schedule and generating Attendance Report are no longer challenges

LANATime Web Online Demo, please Click below.

User Name: admin

Password: admin


Device Connectivity:

To connect devices for testing, please see the below information.


  • Machine should be connected to internet.
  • Device should have the Push Service.
  • Make configuration in the following option.

Menu >> Comm >>

configuration settings


configuration settings

IP (Local IP Address), Subnet (Subnet of the network), Gate Way (Gateway IP), DNS (DNS of the network or can use Google DNS

configuration settings

ADMS or Web server: Server IP (, Server Port (8081)

configuration settings

Once the configuration is made on the device, the device will get automatically connected on the software as soon as it gets connected to the internet.

configuration settings