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Starting and running a business successfully is a risky adventure on a good day. The good news is 23 million small businesses make up 54% of all U.S. sales for product and services, and account for 55% of all jobs as well, according to a recent SBA report. The challenges for these business owners are that they must wear a lot of different hats to successfully run their businesses. Working for and protecting every dollar earned is a high priority to maintain cash flow and a good balance sheet. Being conscious of the ways that good security practices help a business flourish is a hat many entrepreneurs may forget to wear as often as they should. The good news is there are qualified people and suppliers that can help you evaluate and implement security best practices to protect your business and customers.


The LANATime stand-alone biometric readers offer a cost effective and manageable solution to improved access control and time attendance to your business, inventory or customer records. Biometric enrollment is fast, has greater integrity, lower operating costs (no cards to lose or replace) and has audit trail capabilities forbusiness owners. Video surveillance provides "eyes in the back of your head" to help a busy entrepreneur stay on top of their business operations and security. The LANATimeVideo Surveillance systems offer a wider variety of cameras and accessories using high quality IP megapixel video cameras at very affordable pricing.


  • Prioritizing limited capital resources
  • Tight budgets to grow the business
  • Limited experience with physical security practices
  • Competing with larger companies for customers
  • Business plan execution
  • Protecting against internal and external theft of assets
  • Premises liability exposure and costs
  • Forensic audit trails to assess activities at the business


  • Get the most value for their business investments
  • Protect property, people and access to the business
  • Low maintenance and high reliability of security measures
  • Audit trails to prosecute theft
  • Provide safe environment for customers
  • Simple to operate loss prevention systems