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Attendance time on holidays and festivals may be different from that on week days. To simplify operation procedures, the system offers settings designed for attendance time and rules on holidays and festivals.


Adding Holiday


Set the parameters as required based on the following steps:

Name of Holiday: Enter the name of a holiday.

Start Time: to set the start date of the holiday

After the completion of the settings, click OK to save the settings and return to the Holiday interface. The holiday list displays the added attendance holiday.

Note: After adding a holiday for attendance, the system will not schedule shifts for the holiday. As there are no schedule records, the system will not record attendance on holidays in the attendance reports.

Editing a Holiday

In the holiday list, click the name of a holiday, or click Edit under Related Operation to access the edit interface.

Modify parameters as needed and click OK to save the modifications.

Deleting Holiday

In the holiday list, select the holiday to be deleted, and then click Delete on the upper left of the holiday list, or directly click the Delete under Related Operation in the line of the holiday to be deleted to access the deletion confirmation interface.


The Log interface displays only the operation logs of the current operation module.