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Leave Type

Leave Type Management

Choose Attendance >> Leave Type to access the Leave Type interface.

Leave Type Management

Employees may request a leave and hope that the leave can be displayed in the system statistics. In this case, he or she should select a leave type when entering a leave record.

There are six default leave types in the system: sick leave, casual leave, maternal leave, compassionate leave, annual leave and business trip.

Add a leave type. (Note: The new leave type has the same function as the default leave types of the system.)

1. Click Add on the Leave Type interface to access the leave type addition interface.

Leave Type Management

Set the parameters as required based on the following steps:

Name of Leave: Enter the name of a leave type, with 20 characters at most.

Min. unit and Unit: Set the measurement unit and minimum value of the leave type. Unit can be set to Hour, Minute or Workday.

Round Off: Set whether the values are rounded off.

Symbol in Report: Set the symbol of the leave type in the attendance report.

After the completion of the setting, click OK to save the settings and return to the Leave Type interface. The leave type list will display the new leave type in leave type interface.

Edit Leave Type

Click Leave Type or the corresponding Edit under Related Operation to access the timetable edit interface.

Edit Leave Type

After modification click OK to save

Delete Leave Type

Click Leave Type or the corresponding Delete under Related Operation to access the timetable delete interface.

Delete Leave Type

Click OK for Delete